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UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) small units available for computers and alike with capacities of 300 VA to 1000 VA.


The Electro-bat is a renewable power storing unit. It can store electricity from the sun, the wind or from an actual electrical source from a generator or the local grid, it doesn’t make any noise, any smelly gases or CO2 and it becomes a very useful instrument as follows:

1) A portable generator. Once charged with electricity from any of the sources mentioned, it will be available to provide hours of electricity at practically no cost, at 50 Hz, o 60 Hz., as requested and some units have dual frequency, and voltages also as requested and some units could have dual voltage single phase or three phase.

2) A “UPS” (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for requirements that need a continuous flow of electricity like computers or likewise. The unit takes the load in fractions of a second that makes undetectable the electric failure allowing the computer to keep the data and continue working with the cleanest possible electricity available.

3) Standby generator when needed either in houses, or any other building where it can be connected to the electrical panel with a double throw automatic transfer switch that allows the unit to take the load when the electrical power grid fails

4) Some units in some countries can also reverse the flow of electricity and instead of feeding their normal load it can feed and sell electricity to the local grid if this is allowed in the country where it is working.

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