Natural Gas

300 Kw - 3000 Kw

We can offer:

• A complete range of capacities in new equipment.
• In New equipment we can offer generating sets with engines from 1) General Motors for small sizes, 2) Cummins and 3) Waukesha for bigger sizes and 4) EMD for dual fuel (diesel / gas).
• In the available inventory equipment you will find new, rebuilt, or used in perfect working condition equipment of all capacities from small to large units.
• Power generation plants with various units to conform large capacities in MW’s with synchronized equipment to allow load sharing and load shaving plus connection to the grid if necessary.
• We can also offer dual fuel units already converted to dual fuel or else we can offer the conversion in such a way that the units will be able to work 100% with diesel or with a very small percentage of diesel and the highest percentage of gas.

Other fuels:

• Please find in our inventories the availability of equipment running with other fuels like HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) or others available fuels convenient for lowering the cost of your electricity according to local availability of those fuels.


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