Diesel Generating Sets 50 & 60 Hz.

Cominter offers:

• A complete range of capacities in Kw or Kva both 50 Hz. And 60 Hz in all brands follow the links above to more detailed information by clicking on them.

• Each unit can be configured to your specific needs, with our accessories line. Such as various noise repression levels silencers and sound attenuation enclosures. Water and oil heating for a quick star in cold climates, ambient heating in the generator to avoid humidity. Fuel tanks on different capacities. Short Circuit Breakers for protection. Control and operation panels and in summary any type of option that you may require for your unit or electrical system.

• For generation with multiple units we can offer all the technology required for synchronizing allows system stability under load fluctuations. Likewise whenever needed, if the system is in standby to the grid we can furnish to you automatic transfers for any low. medium or high voltage required.

• For those who need it, we have an extensive used equipment inventory. This equipment usualy has excellent delivery times and effective prices when compared with new units. They all fully tested and go through a comprehensive check point list, end user load test could be arranged.

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